This website is my personal resume. I am a persistent and passionate person. I have completed my Bachelor’s degree and currently pursuing my Master’s Degree in Business Administration and I am up-to-date with how the current corporate and marketing world works, which means I am capable of coming up with innovative ideas and solutions. In addition, I have gained hands-on work experience through my service as a Management Trainee Officer at Oppo and as a Junior Consultant at Field Information Solution. Furthermore, my successful participation in business competitions where I had to come up with creative ideas for different case studies is further proof of my ability. Through my experience of working at CIMA, I have also gathered solid knowledge about the corporate world. To add more, I am adept at fulfilling my responsibilities because I have experience of working alongside my studies, first as a Math instructor at ICON Education and next as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant at East West University. This experience was challenging but taught me to be well-balanced and plan ahead of time to complete my work, a skill that I will benefit from during my career as well. I also have experience of leading and managing people, which is evident in my successful journey as President of East West Business Club where I was the core organizer of a national business competitions and also as Head of Logistics at PWK Foundation.