Benefits of listening audiobook

Shams Alam Khan

If you are a student, I know how busy you are. Your schedule is full of hectic classes, boring assignments and horrible exams. Moreover, you have to prove so many people that you are a social one, so you have to attain hangouts and parties on a regular basis. If you are working like me, you don’t have any time to breathe. Same boring 8 to 10 hour working,2-3 hour traveling with almost zero social life. Furthermore, a ton of responsibilities and stress. Basically, we don’t have any time to read.

Just like the meme, I would love to say to you that, a modern problem needs a modern solution. That is audiobooks. Just like me you are spending 2-3-hour traffic or on the road every day. I believe you can utilize this time, to make it productive.
Fictional, Nonfictional even podcast will give you a great. Once you start listening you will fill it just like your friend is talking with you. I have been listening for a long time and I am sharing my experiences with you.

First of all, the audiobooks are fast. If you start reading a 250-page book, and if you are a slow reader it will take 10-15 days to finish. But you started listening to it, probably it will take 5-6 hours listening. So, you can finish the book by 2-3 days.

Secondly, the audiobook is convenient. You can listen to it anytime you want. There are so many apps available on the store which comes with all the function to make your listening experience smoother. For an instant, page marker.

Audiobook is fun

Thirdly, the audiobook is portable. I don’t feel comfortable carrying a big book. On the other hand, you can carry the entire audiobook on your mobile. Even if you don’t want to download it, it is totally cool to listen to it from the websites.

Fourthly, you have thousands of options from thousands of resources. You can pick any subject or book which matches your interest, so it will never make you bore.

Finally, I would love to suggest that, you can find tons of free stuff on the internet, but you need to honor and respect the author. You can payback by purchasing the actual book, or you can write reviews about the book also you can suggest the book to others.

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