Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho|Book Review

Shams Alam Khan

I bought this book from an online shop, most likely as a result of it is a bestseller. Paulo Coelho is truly quite bestseller-producer, with Three hundred and fifty million books oversubscribed worldwide. His most celebrated work is “The Alchemist”, which I’ve read back in high school.

In some ways that my impression from “Eleven Minutes” is comparable to “Veronica Decides to Die”. The book is written alright, it’s easily readable who just started reading English books and flows quickly. It talks regarding sure life philosophies, with the most theme being the search of the most character for which means of life. Not shocking that Coelho’s books are such bestsellers. They tie you down sort of a soap-opera and leave you with a particular imprint of profoundness.

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho,Book Review,Maria
Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho|Book Review|Shams Alam Khan

Profoundness is sweet, however in most cases it isn’t too deep, but “Eleven minutes” is not among these cases. Nearly every author has one thing to mention regarding “the meaning of life”, and once you read plenty, a specific statement of this loaded topic causes you to expect sure quality and depth from the book. I actually have no downside with “normal” books, however, books that directly state and create it clear from the start that their main purpose is “to realize the meaning of life” makes me need to imagine one thing new, one thing that I have never read before.

But I have nothing to gauge this book. All in all, it’s a pretty smart and advanced book, and that I enjoyed reading it. The simplest factor concerning it’s the topics it deals with.

At first, it seems a plain love storybook, but it is not, it is definitely more than that. All the sexual details have been well written with good taste.

This book is about a young beautiful Brazilian lady who visited Europe to become a dancer, however, she ended up being a prostitute. a gorgeous and exceptional one, “working” in an exceedingly luxurious bar in Geneva. Maria’s aim was to earn enough cash to establish a farm in Brazil for herself and for her family and leave Switzerland within a short period of time. But here the story takes turn and drifts and swifts which I won’t write in my review as I want to make it spoiler-free.

I especially liked the leading character. Maria is clearly an awfully intelligent personality. She continually strives to find out, to know things. Moreover, she tries to set her life higher through learning, and this is a thing that I personally love it. The curiosity and discipline to satisfy it by reading, talking and getting information could be a nice feature to own for the main character.

To end up with a recommendation. If you want to read decent fun book to read, I will highly recommend this book. But if you want a life changing book, then don’t bother to read it, it won’t.

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